Create Free Blog on Blogspot & Make money with Google adsense

In this post we are going to see step by step process of creating a free blog in blogspot or and how to earn money with your blog.

Blog is basically a website that is regularly updated by an individual or a group of individuals

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. / is a free blog service provided by Google. It is one of the most used blogging platforms around the Internet.
There are many other good alternatives like wordpress, tumblr etc. But i recommend blogger for all the newbies since blogger is free and easy to start. You don’t need to be a techie to deal with blogspot.

There are several people who made blogging as their main profession and earning a good sum of money. I would like to share a few examples for your inspiration.

  • aka Digital Inspiration – Amit Agarwal is a leading technology blogger. For almost a decade now, Amit has been writing at Digital Inspiration. Internet sources say that Amit might be earning $40,000 to $45,000 monthly. His blog digital inspiration is known for software tutorials.
  • – Harsha Agarwal is another famous blogger in India who writes about blogging and making money online. He is earning $35,000 monthly from his blog ShoutMeLoud.
  • – Miss Malini is the top female blogger in India , she primarily writes about Bollywood. She is earning $30,000 per month. She is a great inspiration for many females in the field of blogging.

I promise you that you may not be able to earn this much amount of money easily 😉 (yet it is possible if you work hard) because the people listed above have spent years of hard work to get to where they are now. But i assure you that you can earn a decent income to run your life through blogging. All you need is PATIENCE. 

Let us move on to the step by step process.

1. Choose Your Blog Topic

Topic is the most important factor for blogging. You can select any topic you want but make sure you are willing to explore about that topic. Just ask yourself two questions after selecting a topic.

  • Am i passionate about that topic?
  • Does this topic have good number of audience?

If you have valid answers then you are ready to go to the next step. You can take your own time to decide since this is the most important step of all.

2. Choose Your Blog Name

Blog name should explain what your blog is all about and it should be easy to remember. The most important thing is that it should be unique like email username. i.e. That will be the URL for your blog. Initially it will be a sub domain of Later you can buy and setup your own custom domain i.e. Make sure your blog name is unique so that getting a custom domain won’t be a problem.

Suggestion For Custom Domain

I personally recommend you to buy a custom domain for your blog but it is completely optional since we are discussing about zero investment plan. In blogspot, you will receive a subdomain i.e. that is owned by Google and you cannot transfer your blog to anywhere but when you purchase a custom domain i.e. it can be converted to other platforms like wordpress easily and also you won’t lose your existing visitors. Any way you have to buy custom domain once you start earning from your blog.

Don’t setup your custom domain earlier in blogger even if you buy a domain, at least wait for few months before adding the custom domain to your blog due to SEO reasons. You might be wondering why, I will explain this in the SEO section as follows.

3. Create your free blog in blogspot / blogger

Follow this step by step tutorial to create your own blog in and make your first blog post.

  • Go to / and sign in using your Google account

    Create Blogspot Blog Step 1

  • Enter your blog title and blogspot URL 

    Blog title is your blog name that will appear in the header of your blog and URL is a subdomain of, should be in small lettters without space.  You can select any template listed below the title and URL field. For example, your blog name is Infant Info then the title and URL should be Infant Info and respectively.
    Set Title and URL Adress blogspot Step 2

  • Creating your first post

    Once you are done with step 2 you will get redirected to blogger dashboard. You should select New post to write your first blogspot blog post.
    Blogspot Write New Post Step 3

  • Fill Post Title, Article Body, Format and style your blog post

    Post title is very important it carries more weight than any other text in a page in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). I will explain about SEO in my upcoming articles. So please try to include all the important keywords that users might search.
    Write your first article in the content area and make use of the formatting options placed just above the content area.
    Write first blog post, style and formatting Step 4

  • Publish the blog post

    Click the publish button placed parallel to the title text box. So you have a created your own website and published your first article. View your blogspot and its post by entering your blogspot URL ( – created in step 2) in the address bar.
    View your blogspot blog

4. Driving Traffic To Your Blog

This is the most hardest part of every blogger’s journey. Your task is not accomplished until you drive people to see your blog, for that great content isn’t enough.

How should you drive people to your blog? 

  • Social Media

    Facebook & Twitter plays a major role when it comes to social media. So you should create your brand pages in Facebook & Twitter. Invite all your family and friends to like and follow your page. Keep your page interactive by posting lot of user-engaging content that can be photo, video or messages instead of just posting links to your article.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to optimize our website to get higher rankings in Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This is where each and every blogger struggles.
    Let me tell you a simple overview of how search engine ranks websites.
    Search engine ranks webpages based on two factors
    1) Reputation
    2) Relevance

    Both of these factors are important. I feel relevance don’t matter a lot when your website don’t have any reputation i.e. new domain don’t have any reputation.


    How search engine find out whether a webpage is reputable or not? There are many things involved in finding a reputation of a website. Page rank is the most important factor used to find out the reputation and it is calculated based on backlinks to your blog. Simply reputation is measured by calculating how many websites talk about your website through linking your blogspot URL. 


    Relevance is basically finding out whether your website is relevant to the user searched query. Let us say a user searches “top blogging tips”, here relevance signal analyses whether your website has enough content related to blogging tips. However reputation occupies the first place and then comes relevance signal.

    Blogspot Domain Reputation

    I have said earlier that to keep your blog in the subdomain of, it is because has got great domain authority (reputation in search engines) so there are higher chances for your blogspot to get higher rankings in Google without much effort. If you can concentrate more in creating high quality content then it is easy to get high rank in Google. Trust me, you can easily rank for high keywords if you follow this trick. I have tested it personally. Didn’t believe me?
    Blogspot Higher Ranking SEO ProofSee the snapshot placed above. Second result is a blogspot blog that is ranking for a high competitive keyword “Facebook page hack” out of 46300k results. I do not find any strong backlinks pointing to the page when i look at the backlink profile of the particular blog, then how come this blogspot page is ranking for a high keyword?

    It is because of the high domain reputation of and that is why it is ranking even though that particular blogspot post didn’t get any backlinks. Of course this is not the only reason, there are other factors too but what am trying to say is that getting higher ranking isn’t tough with while comparing to a brand new domain.

    Be aware of copyrighted and illegal content, blogger will suspend your account if they see you involved in violation of their terms and conditions.
    After few months you can setup a custom domain to transfer to (301 redirect). This process will transfer all the SEO benefits (page rank, domain authority) of your old domain to new domain. So you may not lose your visitors and search engine rankings.

  • Referral

    Referral users are users that are came from other websites to your blog. You can ask your family and friends who has their own blog to link to your blogspot that might drive some traffic.
    Let us move on to the final step monetizing through Adsense 🙂

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5. Monetizing Your Blog

Monetizing your blogspot blog can be done by putting advertisements either from third party or from ad publishers. You will get paid accordingly. There are many ad publishers program. Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your blogspot but to do this you should have an approved Adsense account. Getting your Adsense account approved using your blogspot blog is somewhat easy when comparing approval through other websites. Your blog must be 6 months old to apply for an Adsense account. So you should make use of this 6 month period to develop your blog to some extent and then you can apply for Adsense.

Click Earnings tab in your blogspot / blogger dashboard to sign up. Fill up the form and submit it. The approval process may take up to a week.


You will be able to see an option to display ads in the earnings tab of blogger dashboard once you get an approved Adsense account. Switch it to on to display ads in your blog. Whenever a user clicks on an ad in your blog you ll get money. Please read their terms and conditions properly. If you click on your own ad you might get banned and your earnings will be returned to the advertiser. You can login to your Adsense dashboard to check Adsense earning. You will get paid in your bank account once you reach the payment threshold of $100 USD.

I hope this article is useful for all those who want to make money online. Please share your feedbacks and comments.

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  • Marta Tahiri

    It really helped me, I have just open my eBook I hope it will go well, but I would have a question… how many followers do I need to reach the amount of 100$ ?

    • There is no direct relation between revenue and followers. Your adsense revenue is dependent on number of ad clicks and impressions. Roughly you need at least 2000+ page views / daily to attain the payment threshold of $100 USD / month. This number may vary depending upon many factors like blog niche, country, domain quality etc.

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    Hi thanks to give a clarity, i started my free blog with blogger before 1 month only but i could able to see the optoins to set up my adsense account, but you mentioned that we have to wait 6 months, can i apply right now, and one more, i did not buy any custom domain, still i am continuing with free blog with blogger, my blogs are getting 500 views daily approx, can i earn with this free blog or should i buy a custom domain, please give a clarity, then you mentioned about google ad sense violations, information about hacking and all like a violations can we post a post like this, please give a clarity..

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. If you are able to see options to apply for an adsense account, you may apply right now. But before that consider reading adsense requirements and condition to avoid rejection of application. That’s great to know that you are getting 500 pageviews a day. Keep it up. Yes that’s a good number to start with. Concentrate on writing more quality content and eventually you will get more page views and revenue. You need not buy a custom domain right now. As i have said in my blog post, domain has good reputation in the eyes of search engine so leave it as it is. Get a custom domain once you see great growth of your blog.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. If you are able to see options to apply for an adsense account, you may apply right now. But before that consider reading adsense requirements and condition to avoid rejection of application. That’s great to know that you are getting 500 pageviews a day. Keep it up. Yes that’s a good number to start with. Concentrate on writing more quality content and eventually you will get more page views and revenue. You need not buy a custom domain right now. As i have said in my blog post, domain has good reputation in the eyes of search engine so leave it as it is. Get a custom domain once you see good growth in terms of pageviews and revenue.

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  • I prefer SEO in driving traffic to my blog. SEO is easier because there’s less effort.

    • Thanks for the comment Raphael. Your blog need to have more content. Find lot of long tail keywords and post some great content to get good traffic. As i have said, has good domain reputation so concentrate more on generating good content. Good Luck 🙂

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