unblock-youtube-facebook-and-all-blocked-websiteYou might have been in a situation where you wanted to access websites like Youtube or Facebook that are blocked by your school / college / office / public internet service providers but couldn’t actually access it due to firewall restrictions. We are going to see how one can bypass firewall restriction and access a blocked website.

There two ways to unblock blocked websites like Facebook, Youtube or anything else. First let me explain how firewall and website blocking works before jumping in to the ways to unblock.


Firewall is basically a software that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predefined security rules and protocols.

It can allow or block any websites depending upon the rules supplied. One can add a block rule list (blacklisting of websites or its corresponding IP addresses) that contains list of all social networking websites like Youtube, Facebook , Twitter etc.


As you can see in the above diagram, user connection request is passed through local firewall before reaching internet service provider (ISP).  So whenever you enter facebook.com, the firewall behind your college or workplace will throw an exception and block that outgoing connection to the internet service provider.

So how can one access blocked website when each and every connection request is passed through firewall?


Above diagram may be little confusing but let me tell you a simple example of how proxy servers and VPN works.

Normal use case

You enter example.com -> your browser will pass your request to router -> router will pass the request to firewall -> firewall checks the blacklist and pass the request to Internet service provider since example.com is not in blacklist – internet service provider will find the website and serve you the response.

Blacklist use case

You enter youtube.com -> your browser will pass your request to internet router -> router will pass the request to firewall -> firewall checks the blacklist and blocks the connection since youtube.com ip address is present in the blacklist.

VPN server use case

You enter youtube.com -> your computer / mobile will route the connection to VPN server’s IP address instead of YouTube’s IP address -> router will pass the request to firewall -> firewall checks the blacklist and allows the connection since VPN server IP address is not blacklisted -> your internet service provider will find the VPN server and connect you to it -> VPN server will connect you to youtube.com through their internet connection.

You are connecting to VPN server through your Internet connection and then connecting to Youtube through VPN server’s Internet connection. 

Proxy server use case

Proxy server is more or less same like VPN server. You have to configure VPN server in case of VPN. You have to use proxy websites or set proxy address in your browser in case of proxy server.

Let us move on to the steps involved in accessing a blocked website.

1. Access Blocked Websites Using Proxy Server

We can use proxy server in two ways. First way is by accessing proxy websites directly from your browser. Another way is to setup proxy in your browser.

How to access blocked website using proxy website?

  1. Go to any proxy website listed below
  2. Enter a blocked website URL like facebook.com or youtube.com in the URL text box.
  3. Press enter to go. That’s all you will be able to surf through the website.

List of Unblocking Proxy Websites

  1. Hidemyass
  2. Proxysite
  3. Tuneunblock
  4. Proxyfree
  5. Genmirror
  6. Dolopo
  7. AtoZproxy
  8. Zend
  9. Proxyunblocker
  10. Unlockweb

You can check out the list of top free proxy sites for more proxy websites.

How to access blocked website using proxy server in browser?

  1. Choose any proxy server given below in the list and copy server address & port number.
  2. Go to your browser settings
  3. Select advanced settings at the bottom of the settings page and click on Change proxy settings 
  4. Select your internet connection name and then select settings
  5. Now you need to enter the copied proxy server address and port number in the text box given in the dialog box.
  6. That’s all. You should be able to access blocked websites. Change to some other proxy address if it didn’t work.

List of Unblocking Proxy Server Address & Port Number


IP Address



1 3128 Bulgaria
2 8088 China
3 80 China
4 8080 China
5 80 China
6 80 China
7 80 China
8 80 China
9 80 China
10 8000 China
11 8088  China
12 8080  China
13 8080  China
14 80  China
15 80  Taiwan
16 8080  China
17 80  USA
18 3128  Bulgaria
19 8088  China
20 80  China
21 80  China
22 3128  China
23 80  China
24 8000  China
25 80  China
26 8088  China
27 80  China
28 8090  Philippines
29 8000  China
30 8080  Peru
31 80  China
32 8080  China
33 8080  China
34 80  China
35 8088  China
36 8088  China
37 3128  Viet Nam
38 80  China
39 8080  China
40 8000  China
41 8080  China
42 8080  China
43 8080  China
44 8080  China
45 3128  USA
46 80  China
47 8080  China
48 80  China
49 80  China
50 80  China

Source : http://proxylist.hidemyass.com. You can check out the list of top free proxy servers for more proxy servers.

2. Access Blocked Websites Using VPN Server

VPN is the best solution for accessing blocked websites across devices. I recommend you to try any paid VPN service because of your privacy and security. But we will cover VPN service providers who provide both paid and free VPN services.

How to access blocked website using VPN server?

You have to download respective VPN client to use their VPN service. You will be able to access blocked websites in your mobile or computer anonymously once you download VPN client from any of the following VPN service providers.

List of Unblocking Free & Paid VPN Service Providers

  1. VPNBook (No paid version)
  2. Hideme
  3. Express VPN
  4. Tunnelbear
  5. IP Vanish

Are you using any other good proxy or VPN service? 

Do let us know about it comments. We will try to include it in our article.

Have any questions?

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