Facebook Emoticons, Emoji, Smiley Faces, Symbol Codes, Text Emotions List

Emoticons or Emoji is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters, usually written to express a person’s feelings or mood. We have a great collection of emoticons classified under different categories & varieties. You can find a complete list of Facebook emoticons, emojis, smiley and text emotions given below in our page. We have everything when it comes to Facebook emoticons, from commonly used smiley faces to rarely used emojis.Our cool collection of emoticons let you convey your mood, whether you are good or bad, happy or sad, angry or laughing or whatever, these smileys would let you express it to your friends easily.You can also use our emoticons in your Facebook wall posts, comments, photo captions, messenger and lot more. All our emoticons are free, open source and can be accessible to anyone. You need not have any third party application or plugin to use our smileys.

How to use our Emoticons?

It is very easy to use our Emoticons. Select an emoticon listed below that suits your mood. You can also use our emoticons finder placed after the list to search using any keyword. Just click on it to copy and then paste it in Facebook. That’s all you are done. Please note that some emoticons will not appear properly before you post it to Facebook. So please post it and see the results. It will automatically be visible once you post it to Facebook.

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